Astronomy Quiz: Cosmic Objects

Astronomy Quiz: Cosmic Objects
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Astronomy is one of the most fascinating sciences, which still has many mysteries and a huge unexplored field for new discoveries. At the same time, various space objects are of particular interest to scientists around the world.

The Astronomy Quiz "Cosmic Objects", which you can take on this page, consists of interesting questions of varying difficulty. Test your knowledge!

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1. What is at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy?

2. What is Hawking radiation?

3. What is the Hubble Sphere?

4. Which galaxy is the Andromeda Galaxy?

5. How long would it take for you to travel at the speed of light for 1,000,000 light years?

6. Which substance occupies the most space in the universe?

7. The closer you are to the speed of light ...

8. What is in the black hole?

9. What does what is in the black hole do?

10. The ice from Neptune ...

11. Does ice have a temperature above the boiling point of water?

12. How many galaxies can we see in the sky with the naked eye (not counting the Milky Way)?