Cooking Quiz: What They Cook and Eat in Different Countries

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Cooking Quiz: What They Cook and Eat in Different Countries
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It's no secret that every country in the world has its own culinary peculiarities, preferences and tastes. Tasting the dishes on the other side of the world, we are, of course, a little apprehensive. But, perhaps, interest in everything new is not extinguished in a person, as well as his desire for knowledge.

The Cooking Quiz consists of 20 multiple choice trivia questions with answers to see if you know what people around the world are eating and cooking.

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1. What kind of tomatoes do you use to make the original Neapolitan pizza?

2. What cuisine is hodgepodge of olives and lemon?

3. What was the main vegetable in Russia before the mass spread of potatoes in the second half of the 19th century?

4. In what country is bear meat considered a great delicacy? In its national cuisine you can find a dish called "bear paw soup".

5. Which country was the main consumer of kangaroo meat from Australia until 2009?

6. What is a maktak or muktuk dish, a traditional food of Eskimos and Chukchi?

7. What is used instead of wine in mulled wine in some recipes?

8. Which combination is traditional in Georgian cuisine?

9. What is the name of a small French cookie or smitten, the size of which is designed for one bite?

10. What is falafel, a dish from traditional Egyptian cuisine, made of?

11. Kasseler - in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, traditionally salted in brine and lightly smoked ...

12. In which country is the traditional national dish of the polar or giant shark meat that has been fragmented and then cured?

13. The name of which Italian dish originally described a cooking pot.

14. What is tyurya, a traditional dish of Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian cuisine?

15. What is the name of a traditional Christmas dish that is popular in Central Europe and especially in the Czech Republic?

16. What is the original spinach made of?

17. One of the most popular wine drinks of which country is sangria?

18. What is one of the three ways to prepare asado, a fried meat dish common in South America?

19. By what name did a French chef serve frog legs for the Prince of Wales and his entourage?

20. Turkish kofta is a dish with .