European Capitals Quiz: Challenging Questions

European Capitals Quiz: Challenging Questions
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In this interesting quiz about European capitals, we have collected difficult questions about them. Only a true connoisseur of this topic will be able to cope with each of them. And only some of you will manage more than half of them. So it is a great challenge to your erudition!

The European Capitals Quiz consists of 28 challenging questions. If you are not afraid of difficulties and are ready to test your knowledge, visit our website and try your hand. Good luck!

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1. According to the most common legend, the founders of Rome were brothers Romulus and Remus. Their father was the god Mars, but who was their mother?

2. The capital of which European state is only the de facto capital? This state does not actually have an official capital.

3. The capital of which European country was named after the founding knight of the city, naval commander, Master of the Order of the Ionians Jean Parisot de la ... ?

4. What animal's head is depicted on the coat of arms of Chisinau, approved in 1878?

5. Which central square in Madrid is located at the site of one of the entrances in the wall that surrounded medieval Madrid?

6. Which European nation's capital is located on the islands of Zealand, Slotsholmen, and Amager?

7. Everyone is familiar with the monument to the mermaid, located in Denmark. And in which European capital is the monument to the armadillo Mermaid located?

8. Which capital of a European country is on the same latitude as the former Russian capital, St. Peterburg?

9. The capital of Finland, Helsinki was founded by the Swedish king on June 12, 1550. What was his name?

10. According to ancient Greek myth, what did the goddess Athena give to the people of Athens so that they would elect her as patroness of the city?

11. Which European capital city was divided into two parts by a wall after World War II?

12. The modern name of this city in the official language of the country is spelled Baile Átha Cliath. Which city are we talking about?

13. According to the 2019 census, how many people did the population of Minsk, the capital of Belarus, reach?

14. On the site of which European capital in the first century BC was the Celtic settlement of Ak-Ink?

15. Which European capital has no airport or train station as of 2022?

16. After which European capital was the asteroid (397) discovered on December 19, 1894 by French astronomer Auguste Charlois named?

17. In what year was the status of the capital of Russia transferred by Peter the Great from Moscow to St. Petersburg?

18. The Prague funicular railway is located in the center of Prague along the slope of Petřín Hill. The length of the line is short and as of 2021 has only ... stations.

19. Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is home to one of the oldest universities in Europe. What year is considered the year of the founding of this university?

20. Warsaw became the de facto capital of Poland in 1596, after a fire at the Wawel Castle in Krakow. And in what year was its capital status spelled out in the Constitution?

21. Which European capital is home to the dwarf enclave state of the Vatican City, the seat of the highest spiritual authority of the Roman Catholic Church?

22. At what geographic coordinates is the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia?

23. At 26 kilometers north of which European capital is the geographic center of Europe, according to calculations made by the French National Institute of Geography in 1989?

24. Stockholm is home to one of the oldest military academies in Europe, the Karlberg Military Academy. Whose grave is there in its park?

25. The coat of arms of Amsterdam depicts three Andrew's crosses. What do they symbolize?

26. Which European capital is located on seven hills: Mihai Voda, Patriarchii, Radu Voda, Cotroceni, Spirei, Văcăreşti, and St. George?

27. What was the name of a Roman settlement formerly located in what is now London?

28. In addition to the central headquarters in New York for 2021, the UN has three other regional headquarters. One of them is located in a European capital. Which one?