The States of Europe and Their Capitals Quiz: 30 Trivia Question with Answers

The States of Europe and Their Capitals Quiz: 30 Trivia Question with Answers
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European capitals are very popular with tourists from all over the world. They represent the traditions of their country and allow you to get an overall impression of it. These cities are a kind of business cards.

The Quiz for Connoisseurs "The States of Europe and Their Capitals", which consists of 20 multiple choice trivia questions and answers on different countries, will test your knowledge and help you spend your time in a useful way. How well do you know?

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1. Europe's northernmost capital.

2. The capital city of a state that has the same name as the river on which it is located.

3. Which European capital has a separate state within it?

4. In this capital was the fateful murder that triggered World War I?

5. Lisbon is washed by the waters of ...

6. What is the name of the famous chocolate cake native to Vienna?

7. By which mountain is Croatia's capital city Zagreb located?

8. Pick a true fact about Amsterdam?

9. Which of the following famous personalities was born in Paris?

10. What holiday is celebrated in Dublin?

11. Which capital city has the longest open-air gallery?

12. What is the name of the famous fountain in Brussels that is the most visited attraction?

13. The capital Reykjavik translates to ...

14. The city, preserved from ancient times, named after a goddess, is now the European capital.

15. The name of which European capital translates as city of joy?

16. Which of these capitals has the largest number of people living in it?

17. What is shown on the coat of arms of Tallinn?

18. Which capital city is not part of the United Kingdom?

19. Which capital city has the most beautiful subway, a real underground gallery?

20. Which of the following capitals is not a Baltic state?