Great Architects and their Creations Quiz: 20 Trivia Questions with Answers

Great Architects and their Creations Quiz: 20 Trivia Questions with Answers
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Architecture is a special kind of art that combines both a flight of creative thought and meticulous engineering calculation. The great architects who have created the world's best architectural masterpieces have mastered all of this to perfection.

The great architects and their creations quiz consists of 20 questions with answers of varying difficulty. Test your knowledge!

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1. The Flatiron Building, designed by architect Daniel Burnham, is one of the most recognizable skyscrapers in New York City. It is shaped like an ...

2. Germany's most influential architect of the Third Reich, Hitler's personal architect, he designed the Hall of the People, which was to be the center of the new state.

3. In which Spanish city is the bizarre Casa Mila apartment building by architect Antoni Gaudi a recognizable landmark and favorite tourist attraction?

4. Founder of architectural restoration, who restored Notre Dame Cathedral, Chartres Cathedral, Château Pierrefonds, and many other architectural complexes.

5. Gustave Eiffel became famous for the construction of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, which was his most significant and large-scale project. What else did he build in France?

6. What is the ancient architectural structure of Chand Baori located in India?

7. Which architectural style owes its appearance to a terrible earthquake?

8. Which country has the largest parliament building in Europe?

9. In which century was the old footbridge over the Neretva River in Bosnia and Herzegovina built, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

10. Italian architect and sculptor who designed and restored many structures in Rome, built the colonnade in front of St. Peter's Cathedral, decorated the cathedral inside, and built St. Peter's Square.

11. What important and world-famous building was designed by architect James Hoban?

12. In which style is the Doge's Palace in Venice built, which is considered a great architectural monument and an important landmark in the city?

13. Which country has the largest mosque in the world, the al-Haram Mosque with the main Islamic shrine, the Kaaba, whose first builders are believed to be the Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail?

14. Which of these buildings in St. Petersburg was designed by architect Antonio Rinaldi?

15. What is the peculiarity of the decoration of the Indian temple complex Khajuraho?

16. What is the name of the famous skyscraper in London by Norman Foster, which is shaped like a cucumber and is constructed as a mesh shell?

17. Architect Renzo Piano is considered the founder of ...

18. What architectural structure built by Rem Koolhaas was nicknamed "pants" because of its unusual shape?

19. What is the name of the prize that is awarded annually for excellence in architecture?

20. Which object in Moscow was designed by architect and inventor Vladimir Shukhov?