Polymaths Quiz: 10 Trivia Questions that Might Puzzle You

Polymaths Quiz: 10 Trivia Questions that Might Puzzle You
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Learning new things is always fun! Especially if they are interesting facts. But you already know a lot, don't you? Today we offer you the opportunity to find out if you already know a lot, with our fun and informative quiz. Not only will it test your knowledge, but it will also reveal something new to you.

The Polymaths Quiz with trivia questions that can puzzle you is designed so that you can guess which one is correct, even without knowing the answer, relying on your logic and related knowledge. If you are not afraid of difficulties, then this quiz is for you. Challenge yourself!

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1. Beethoven dedicated his Symphony No. 3 to Napoleon. But later, disappointed, he changed his mind and crossed his name out of the score. What event was the reason for this?

2. In the Anglo-Saxon period of England's history, sheriffs were the representatives of the crony power in the county. One of these was the chief enemy of the famous Robin Hood. And who is the sheriff in modern England?

3. On July 13, 1973, a band called Smile released their first album of the same name, which included the song "Doing All Right". In the aftermath, this musical group became very famous. It is ...

4. Wabi-sabi has a special meaning in the Japanese worldview. It is a tradition that has the power to change our understanding of what can be considered beautiful. What is beautiful in this way of looking at the world?

5. Sharks are the largest fish on Earth and traditionally terrify humans with their predatory habits. What do whale sharks, giant sharks, and largemouth sharks feed on?

6. The Law of Jante has been called an illustration of the Scandinavian mindset. It was formulated by Axel Sandemusse in his novel The Fugitive Crosses His Trace. In fact, it's a set of 10 rules. What rule isn't in it? Can you guess?

7. The caves hold many secrets. Altamira was one of them until 1879. But one day an amateur Spanish archaeologist, Marcelino-Sanz de Sautuola, and his young daughter went for a walk and accidentally stumbled into this cave. What did they find there?

8. At the back of the figure of one of the known constellations is the star Denebola. In its brightness among the stars of this constellation it is second only to Regulus. What does its name mean in Arabic?

9. The municipality of Barle-Hertog in the province of Antwerp in the Flemish region is famous for having a border café where the border between two states runs between the tables. Which ones?

10. My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love. This exclamation was the title of Dmitry Vrubel's graffiti, which can be seen in Berlin's open-air art gallery. Which heads of state are kissing on it?