Dragonfly Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers

Dragonfly Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers
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Dragonflies are a group of ancient flying insects that we can still see today. The order to which they belong includes more than 6650 species. They are relatively large insects with an agile head, large eyes and four transparent wings with a dense network of veins. They are active predators that feed on insects caught on the fly. Dragonflies are widely distributed throughout the world, occurring on all continents except Antarctica.

The Dragonfly Quiz consists of 11 multiple choice trivia questions. Test your knowledge of these flying insects!

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1. Which group are dragonflies often confused with?

2. How many species of dragonfly are known?

3. Where dragonflies are the part of cuisine?

4. Which country considers dragonfly as a symbol of courage & strength?

5. How many families of dragonflies are known?

6. Which is the most widespread dragonfly species in the world?

7. Which British motorcycle company designed a model 'Dragonfly'?

8. Which English artist was first to make an illustration of dragonflies?

9. What is the significant feature of dragonflies?

10. What is the maximum possible speed of dragonfly?

11. What do dragonflies eat?