World of Animals for Kids: Trivia answers and Questions

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World of Animals for Kids: Trivia answers and Questions
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Animals are a wonderful world with its own rules and laws. It is interesting to study, and if you love to do it, then every day you will learn a lot of entertaining and instructive. After all, watching our little brothers, we learn a lot about ourselves. And we also learn how to protect them from negative influences, both from nature, and from ourselves. 

The World of Animals for Kids consists of 15 multiple choice trivia questions questions. Test your knowledge!

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1. Which animal, when running, tries to put its own hind legs forward?

2. Which bird is considered the smallest on the planet?

3. Which bird never flies but wears a "tailcoat"?

4. What is the name of the lion family?

5. Which bear exclusively eats bamboo?

6. A bird that doesn't raise its own pets but lays eggs for other birds?

7. Which animal is revered by the people of India?

8. What animal likes to howl at the moon?

9. A bird capable of hovering in the air for long periods of time without flapping its wings?

10. Which animal can be cooled by its ears?

11. An unusual animal capable of spitting.

12. Which animal can use its tail as a rudder or parachute?

13. Which wild animal has a horn growing on its nose?

14. Which animal is considered the fastest on the planet?

15. What insect brings honey to people?