Quiz for Connoisseurs: In the World of Wildlife

Quiz for Connoisseurs: In the World of Wildlife
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Wildlife is amazingly diverse. The beautiful creatures that live in it, the magnificent plants, the marvelous landscapes are its riches, which we simply must preserve. It is a miracle that gives us this wonderful world, and we are all responsible for it.

The Quiz for Connoisseurs "In the World of Wildlife" we're giving you today consists of 25 interesting questions of varying difficulty. Test your knowledge or learn something new for yourself!

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1. What shape is the tiger's pupil?

2. Which is the only member of the canine family characterized by a pronounced seasonal change in coloration?

3. Which butterfly is the largest butterfly in Russia?

4. Which species of penguin lives near the equator itself?

5. What is the average life span of an octopus?

6. Which bird that lives in the northern forests raises its chicks in the winter?

7. Which mouse is the smallest rodent in Europe?

8. What are the mouth appendages (claws) of spiders called?

9. What is the Dingo, the only placental predator in Australia before Europeans arrived there, really?

10. Are pelicans able to dive and fish underwater?

11. What are the two parts of a turtle's shell called?

12. Which animal is the only true parasite among warm-blooded vertebrates?

13. How many cervical vertebrae does the giraffe, the tallest land animal, have?

14. What is an interesting feature of moles' fur that allows them to move easily under the ground in any direction?

15. Who is the largest land animal?

16. What is the horn of the rhinoceros made of?

17. What color is the secret of the skin glands that protect hippos from the sun?

18. How does the name orangutans translate from Malay?

19. Which species of amphibian carries eggs on its back?

20. What color is the skin of a polar bear?

21. How long can a walrus stay under water?

22. How long can the largest marine mammal, the blue whale, reach?

23. Which shark is considered the most dangerous to humans?

24. How fast can the cheetah, the fastest land mammal?

25. Which fish that lives in mangrove forests can climb trees during high tides?