Historical Quiz: Can You Choose the Right Year?

Historical Quiz: Can You Choose the Right Year?
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Knowing dates is one of the most important things in the study of world history. After all, if you have no idea even approximately in what year and what event took place, then you have not yet mastered this science. Historians by vocation usually have a phenomenal memory, which helps them cope with this task. But even if you do not possess it, but are very interested in history, it can always be developed.

The History Quiz, which you can take today, consists of 14 multiple choice trivia questions about different events. Test your knowledge!

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1. In what year did World War I start?

2. In what year was the U.S. Declaration of Independence adopted?

3. In what year did the Anschluss, the incorporation of Austria into Germany, take place?

4. In what year did World War II begin?

5. In what year did the first human spaceflight take place?

6. In which year did the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, abolishing slavery, go into effect?

7. In which year did the Conquest of the Bastille take place, which was the beginning of the French Revolution?

8. In what year did Christopher Columbus discover America, believing he had discovered the way to Asia&

9. In what year did the American Civil War begin?

10. In what year did James Cook's British expedition on the USS Endeavour explore and chart the east coast of Australia?