Interesting Quiz for Fun: 20 Trivia Questions for Know-it-alls

Interesting Quiz for Fun: 20 Trivia Questions for Know-it-alls
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The mind of an inquisitive person is constantly expanding. His memory has no boundaries, primarily because he himself does not limit it, and, in fact, constantly and very actively develops it. And for this he just needs new and interesting knowledge.

The Interesting Quiz for Fun, which you can pass on this page, consists of 20 questions. If your horizons are really broad, then you're sure to cope with at least 15 of them. Shall we test your erudition?

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1. What is bibliosmia?

2. Which landmark has become a symbol of great love?

3. Which country first began using horseshoes to protect a horse's hooves?

4. In the name of which famous warlord did George Orwell award the main character of the work Animal Farm?

5. In which ocean are the Seychelles islands located?

6. Who is the largest member of the feline family?

7. Which of these plants feeds on insects?

8. What is shown on the coat of arms of Bermuda?

9. Which bone is the longest in the human skeleton?

10. On which continent can you find an unusual animal called an echidna?

11. How many times a year can you watch sunrise at the South Pole?

12. What does the science of pomology study?

13. Which movie monster gained his power from testing a hydrogen bomb?

14. Which fish can not only swim but also move around on land?

15. Paul McCartney claimed to have dreamed the melody of a song that later became a hit song by The Beatles. What was that song?

16. Which city is considered Europe's oldest capital?

17. Which country is located in Europe and Asia at the same time?

18. Which geographic feature was named after the navigator Fernand Magellan?

19. What is the fear of clowns called?

20. Which painter is credited with the famous painting The Last Supper?