Quiz: What Do You Know About Forests? 20 Trivia Questions

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Quiz: What Do You Know About Forests? 20 Trivia Questions
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The forest is a place where we rest our souls, joining and returning to nature. Most of us realize how important it is to protect this gift and treat it with great respect. But how many of us know it well? Let's see how you are with this question.

The Quiz "What Do You Know About Forests?", which we have prepared for you today, consists of 20 multiple choice trivia questions of varying difficulty. Test your knowledge and try to answer each one correctly.

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1. What type of inflorescence does the woodland plant called conium maculatum have?

2. A medicinal plant called Pulmonaria can be found in the woods. What color are its flowers?

3. What is the peculiarity of the body structure of a rodent called a red squirrel?

4. How is a wild boar different from a domestic pig?

5. Which animal family does the wolverine belong to?

6. A large semi-aquatic rodent with shortened limbs and a broad paddle-like tail, its body length reaches 1 meter and adult weight up to 30 kg. What kind of animal is this?

7. Which forest tree is a deciduous tree?

8. Which forest bird has a mottled color, a wedge-shaped tail, and long pointed wings?

9. Which of these birds of prey is larger than the other two in size?

10. Which of the forest animals lead a solitary lifestyle?

11. How do badgers survive the winter in the forest?

12. How does a Siberian tiger get its food?

13. Guess a forest animal by description: adults weigh 18-25 kg, the animal is about the size of a large dog, has a dense torso, short tail, tassels on the ears.

14. What medicinal property does the Filipendula plant have.

15. How many cubs does red fox have on average?

16. Which forest animal changes its coat color to pure white during the winter season?

17. Which of the forest birds does not fly away to warmer climes for the winter?

18. Can a skunk be a pet?

19. What is another name for the forest plant Cypripedium calceolus?

20. The Carolinian forest, which is located in the eastern part of North America, is a ...