History Quiz: Personalities, Facts, and Events

History Quiz: Personalities, Facts, and Events
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History is a lantern to the future that shines to us from the past. World history is full of great conquests and discoveries, victories and defeats, light and dark pages. The role of individuals in these events is of great importance.

The History Quiz: Personalities, Facts, and Events consists of 20 trivia questions with answers to assess your knowledge. Shall we begin?

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1. What historical event is Simón Bolívar's name associated with?

2. Which ancient city was ruled by King Hammurabi?

3. Who colonized the Americas in 1607-1775?

4. Which French king was nicknamed the Sun King?

5. In which century did Genghis Khan create the Great Mongol State?

6. What event in history was called the Paris Commune?

7. Who is the author of Commentarii de Bello Gallico?

8. Which significant event occurred on October 24, 1945?

9. During the reign of which Russian emperor was the Holy Alliance (union of Russia, Prussia, and Austria) formed?

10. To which order did Grand Master Jacques de Molay belong?

11. Which Native American tribe belonged to Montezuma I? The Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes conquered the land of this tribe.

12. What is the name of the famous work that made the 16th-century humanist Thomas More famous?

13. Which political leader raised the Fall Harvest Rebellion in 1927?

14. Which country's ruler was King Charles XII? Most historians recognize him as an excellent general, but an unsuccessful statesman.

15. In which country did the event that signaled the beginning of World War I take place?

16. From what date does the history of Great Britain begin? On this day England and Scotland merged to form one state, the Kingdom of Great Britain.

17. Who was the author of the doctrine of the infinity of the universe?

18. What is the name of the era in European cultural history that came after the Middle Ages and preceded the Enlightenment and the New Age?

19. In what modern state did the ancient country of Sumer exist?

20. What was the name of Willem Jansson's ship that came ashore on the Australian Cape York Peninsula in 1606 while exploring the Gulf of Carpentaria?